Germiston Gauteng 300 km radius 3 Ton. Single-Axle Drop Sides
Malawi Malawi, SA, Mozambique(Tete) Tri-axle  
Gauteng Local Routes, no Cross border Horse Only Horse is fitted with Hydraulics for side tipping.
Northern Cape Johanesburg to Cape Town Flatdeck Super link, container locks
Polokwane Limpopo / Gauteng and Mpumalanga Super links and side tippers  
Johannesburg Anywhere Superlink  
Klerksdorp Mooinooi to city deep 34 ton super link  
Durban Durban, Johannesburg, Richards Bay and surrounding areas Tri-Axle  
Kimberley Cross Borders and South Africa 8 Ton / Super Links  
Durban South africa, cross border Super link, tri axle, 8 tonner, drop sides 
Kempton park Locals Horse Only Double-Axle  
Johannesburg Local and Zimbabwe Superlink Flat Bed Tarpaulins. Chains. Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks. Uprights. Cargo Nets
Lydenburg Lydenburg 8ton  
Mpumalanga Standerton Around Mpumalanga 34ton truck  
Johannesburg Kempton Park Local Johannesburg, Polokwane, Bloemfontein, Kimberly, Durban, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, 8 Ton Drop Sides  
Pretoria Gauteng 8ton dropside - 6m crane truck - 15 ton closed body
Johannesburg / Cape Town Gauteng & Surrounding Areas 5 x 30m2 Slopers available immediately / 8 Tonners (Closed GRp hard Bodies) / 4 Tonners / 8 Ton tautliners / Flat decks with container locks / Pantechnicon vehicles available for loads Drop Sides. Tarpaulins. Corner Plates. Straps.  Cargo Nets
Johannesburg SA Superlink Flat Bed Straps. Cargo Nets
Durban RSA & Crossborder Tri-axle & Superlinks  
Lusaka SA to Zambia & Return, Zambia to Namibia 30 & 34 tons  
Gauteng local and cross border triaxle and superlink  
Riversdal Southern Cape SA 6 m / 12 m link  
Durban Johannesburg/inlands, Richards Bay / nationally Horse Only  
Pretoria South Africa Tanker. Tautliner  
Gauteng SA-Zambia and City to City SA Superlink  
Gauteng Gauteng, NW, Limpopo & Mpumalanga 3 Ton, 5 Ton, Double-Axle, Close Body Tarpaulins
  Rustenburg,  Durban Horse Only  
Bloemfontein Any LDV.  8 Ton  
  Gauteng regions and Mpumalanga 30 ton  
Brits RSA 2 x Super link F/D, 3 x Side Tippers, 2 x 8 ton crane trucks  
Durban Durban & surrounding & Jhb TRI-AXLE FLAT DECK   
Rustenburg Johanessburg to Durban 1.6 ton H100 HYUNDAI  
Durban All Superlink  
Pretoria Vereeniging, Rustenburg, Polokwane, Louis Trichard, Bloemfontein Double Axle, Tri-Axle, Super Link, 2 x Side Tippers  
Johannesburg Jnb to durban superlinks, Tautliners ,Trixales and 8 tonner Trucks  
East London Eastern Cape and Nationally LDV, 8 Ton, 10 Ton, 15 Ton, Rigid & Drawbar, Flat Bed - Tri-Axle, Superlink, Interlink, Low Bed, Step Deck, Tautliner Tarpaulins, Chains, Corner Plates, Straps, Container Locks, Uprights, Cargo Nets, Crane, Moffat, Cargo Nets
  Run to Durban and Cape Town weekly. Require return trips 6 ton and 3 ton closed body  
Johannesburg Witbank - Middleburg ; Rustenburg - Brits; Vereeniging - Vanderbijlpark Super Link Side Tipper  
Francistown ,Botswana. SA to Zambia / Namibia /Zimbabwe 30ton Trucks x2 / Interlink trailers 
Kempton Park All Over 1.3 Ton Kia Bakkie  
Johannesburg Johannesburg to Harare or Zambia  Super Link flat deck  
Durban Durban Local Horse Only, Flat Bed - Single-Axle, Double-Axle, Tri-Axle, Superlink Tarpaulins, Chains, Corner Plates, Straps, Container Locks, Uprights, Cargo Nets
Durban Durban Local Tri Axle, Flat deck, Superlink  
Durban Cross border Flat Bed -Tri-Axle, Superlink, Interlink. Side Tipper. Tanker. Tautliner  Drop Sides. Tarpaulins. Chains. Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks
Walvis/Pretoria Loacal, Namibia, Angola, DRC Flat Decks Super links  
Nelspruit Nelspruit Horse Only  
    34 Super link Flat deck  
Hartebeespoort Dam Gauteng, KZN, Norther Province ,Freestate, Mapumalanga Super Link dropside, Tautliner, Flat bed.  
Middelburg Jhb/Pta/Marblehall/Groblersdal/Free State/Nelspruit 2 x Super link side tipper 4 x Super link flat decks   
Johannesburg Local & Cross border  8 Ton & Horse Only  
RSA RSA 34 ton Super Links  
Bela Bela Limpopo South Africa Flat Decks and Tautliners  
Benoni SA Horse Only  
Johannesburg Crossborder / Local cashloads Superlink  
Johannesburg Any route  10 Ton, Horse Only, Double-Axle
Witbank Any 33 ton Superlink  
Durban Any Tri-Axle, Low Bed, Step Deck, Superdeck trailers Tarpaulins, Chains, Corner Plates, Straps, Container Locks
Pietermaritzburg KZN Routes 5 Ton Drop Sides  
  dbn -jhb -cpn 2 truck tractors  
Gauteng Local & Long Distances 8 Ton Close Body  
Durban Durban -Jhb and return and KZN  9ton Closed bodies and under  
North West Province South Africa 34 Ton Side Tipper / Tri-axle sloper
Springs South Africa 8 Ton  
Gauteng  Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West 6ton closed body truck  
Meyerton  Local, Gauteng, and mostly anything in a 350 km Radias  8 x Flat Decks 2 axle and three axle, of which they are extendable to 19m ( the 2 axle can carry up to 18 Tons and the 3 Axle up to 24 Tons)  1 x Link, 3 x Brick Crane Trailers, 2 x Back Tippers, 1 x Truck with a 32 ton Mounted Crane and a 12 meter Trailer  
Gauteng Mpumalanga,  North West,  Kzn  Side Tipper Tarpaulins, Straps
East Rand RSA Superlink  
Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town  34 ton side tippers,50 ton back tippers,tautliners  
Meyerton Zimbabwe,  Zambia,  DRC, Malawi,Tanzania superlinks flat deck and tipers , triaxles and tankers  
    8 ton hard body High Volume vehicle, opens on both sides and at the rear  
Jhb & Dbn All over Horse Only, Tri-Axle, Superlink Flat Bed, Side Tipper, Back Tipper, Taut Liner Drop Sides, Tarpaulins, Chains, Corner Plates, Straps, Container Locks, Cargo Nets
Gauteng Nationwide Routes 3 Ton, 5 Ton, 8 Ton, 10 Ton, Horse Only, Double-Axle, Tri-Axle, Interlink, Flat Bed  
Alberton Local  Super link  
Durban Any 8 x Retractable Tri-axle is for transport of 6 to 12 meter containers   10 x Super links, 5 x Taut liners,  20 x Gensets Tri-Axle ( move refrigerated containers)  6 x Flat deck Tri-Axles  Earth moving and construction.  TLBs   Bob cats  Excavator 20t, 35t and 29t  8000l water tanker  Roller 12t  Rear tipper 6t and 10t   34t side tipper  
Eastern Cape  Eastern Cape and KZN Super Link  
HARRISMITH ANY 8 Ton, 15 Ton, Flat Bed, Drop Sides  
Nelspruit  Any 34 Ton Side Tipper  
KwaZulu Any Reefer (Refrigerated Trucks) , Tri axle flatbeds, Side tippers, Slopers  
Durban Durban Double-Axle  
    4 tonne truck  
Gauteng Any 34 ton / Supper link Side Tipper  
Zeerust SA & Botswana Super link  Flatdeck,tautliner,tipper
Welkom Jhb, Dbn, Mpumalanga, OFS, Limpopo 34 ton Flat Decks     
Cape Town Any routes Dropside truck & Trailor  23-24tons, Link Tautliners, Flat decks, Side tippers, 8 ton drop side  
Roodepoort Johannesburg, Durban LDV  
Johannesburg  Any local loads Superlink flatdeck  
Gauteng Kempton Park DRC, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe 8 ton Closed bodies & Flat-deck Superlinks 
Gauteng local or cross border work  4ton dropside trucks   8ton dropside  and closed body trucks   15ton flat deck truck   tri axle flat deck trucks   super link flat deck trucks   taut liner super link trucks  
Gauteng Any Flatdeck Tri Axle.  
Kimberley Noord-Kaap, Gauteng  Super link Dropsides/Flat decks Container locks
Northern Cape Johannesburg to Northern Cape,  to OFS,  to North West 10 ton tautliner  
Johannesburg no preference 3 Ton Drop Sides
Gauteng Gauteng Superlink Tautliners. 12 m Flat Deck
Gauteng Any Link Sidetippers  
KZN Durban or Johannesburg Tri-Axle Chains. Corner Plates.  Straps. Container Locks. Cargo Nets
Durban Durban 8 ton. Tri's. Links