Based Preferred Route Body/Trailer type Extras
KZN KZN Tri-Axle, Low bed, Sloper, Step deck All extras
Johannesburg RSA Tri-Axle All extras
Phalaborwa Middelburg, Steelpoort Side tippers    All extras
Gauteng RSA, Namibia,Zim,Zam, Botswana Double Axle, Super link, Inter Link All extras
Gauteng RSA Super link All extras
Plettenberg Bay South Africa 5 ton, Single Axle, Flat deck All extras
Mokopane, Limpopo South Africa Side Tipper All extras
Durban South Africa Low beds, Step deck, Flat deck, 50 & 75 ton All extras
Middelburg, MP South Africa and cross border Side Tipper All extras
Kwazulu Natal East Cape, Western Cape, Free State,  2x Super links All extras
Pretoria Witbank Side Tipper All extras
Johannesburg Gauteng, Northwest, Free State, Limpopo LDV, 3ton, 3ton closed body All extras
Meyerton Johannesburg, Zambia Super link All extras
Zimbabwe Johannesburg, Harare 10 ton closed body All extras
Johannesburg South Africa Super link, Tri-Axle All extras
Mpumalanga Mpumalanga, Johannesburg, Durban Super link flat deck All extras
Gauteng Tri-Axle Nelspruit, Polokwane, Gauteng All extras
Witbank South Africa 5ton, 10ton, Side Tipper All extras
Zimbabwe Johannesburg, Malawi, Zimbabwe Tri-Axle  All extras
Johannesburg Any Super link, Reefers All extras
Polokwane Any Super link All extras
Standerton, Mapumalanga Any 5Ton All extras
Durban Local Side Tipper All extras
Gauteng, Limpopo, Mapumalanga Local SA, Crossboarder Flat deck, Tri-Axle, Super link All extras
Pretoria South Africa Tippers, Flat deck, Taut liner, Drop side All extras
KZN KZN 8 Ton All extras
Durban Umtata, Cape Town, JHB, Polokwane Link, Taut Liner Link All extras
Durban JHB, KZN Double Axle, Tri-Axle, Super link Container, Uprights
Pretoria Any TGA 480MAN+530isx Frightliner  
Kathu,Upington,Postmasburg Crossboard,Long Distance,Any    
Durban based in Phoenix DBN to JHB / CPT / BLOEM / P.E / GRJ / ELS / KIMB / DBN and surroundings 3 ton,5 ton,8 ton,Horse only,Tri-Axel,Single-Axel,Superlink,closed body Flat bed Straps ,container locks,crane,cargo nets
Kwazulu Natal   8ton,10ton,Single-Axle,Double-Axle,Flat bed Chains,straps,container locks,crane
Piet Retief Any 34 ton side tipper  
Mpumalanga Jhb / Dbn to Zimbabwe  / Zambia Tri-Axle,Superlink,Flat Bed Tarpaulins,Chains,Coner Plates,Sraps,Cargo nets
JHB,Durban,richards bay Bloemfontein,Jhb,piet Retief Tautliner,Tri-Axle Chains,straps,container locks,upright
JHB Around SA Tri-Axle  
Durban Local horse only  
Lenasia, JHB Polokwane to JHB,Bloemfontein to JHB 10ton Tarps,corner plates,straps
Mpumalanga RSA,Any,Bethal,Secunda,Standerton,Nigel Double-Axle,Flat Bed Drop sides,straps
Gauteng Gauteng,Mpumalanga,Freestate,Northern Cape,Limpopo Tri-axle,flat bed Chains,straps,container locks,corner plates
Boksburg,Gauteng Local,long distance and crossboarder 8,10,15ton,Double-Axle,Tri-Axle,Superlink,Interlink,Close Body,Flat Bed,Side tipper,Back tipper,10m3 tipper,Tautliner Corner plates,Container locks,straps,cargo nets
pretoria Any LDV  
Pretoria Swaziland,Gauteng,Kzn,Namibia,Drc,Botswana,Mozambigue,Mpumalanga,Limpopo,Lesotho,Freestate Tri-Axle,Superlink,Interlink,Flat Bed,Tanker,Tautliner  
Pretoria Any Double-Axle,Flat Bed  
Gauteng Gauteng,North West,Free State,Mpumalanga,Limpopo Side Tipper  
Gauteng Gauteng / PTA +-150 km Radius 8ton,flat bed Straps
Wadeville SA,Namibia,Botswana 8ton,Double-Axle Dropsides,straps,chains,uprights
Potchefstroom Raduis 300-400km close as possible 3ton,8ton Drop sides,tarpualins
KZN Any 8ton Tarpaulins,corner plates,straps
Alberon Gauteng area and long distance Single-Axle,Flat Bed Trapaulins,chains,corner plates,straps,container locks,uprights,cargo nets
Pretoria RSA Superlink Chains,straps
Gauteng SA,ZIM,ZAM,LES,BOTS,NAM LDV,8,10ton,horse only,Double-Axle,Tri-Axle,superlink,Low Bed,Side Tipper,Tautliner,Tanker Drop sides,tarps,chains,corner plates,straps,container locks,uprights,crane,cargo nets
Ermelo Any in SA,Namibia,Botswana LDV  
Westdene,JHB JHB,Natal,Mpumalanga,Freestate,North West 8ton  
Brakpan Gauteng,PTA,short and long distance 5ton,Single-Axle,Flat Bed Drop sides,tarpualins,corner plates,straps
Pretoria East RSA LDV,Close Body  
Gauteng Zambia to SA superlink  
Gauteng JHB to Durban,local JHB,National 5ton,Single-Axle,Flat Bed Drops sides,tarps,corner plates,straps
Germiston Around Gauteng Horse only  
Meadowdale All routes-local and crossboarder LDV,8,10,15ton,Tri-Axle,Superlink Drop sides,chains,straps,container locks,uprights, taut liner 
Johannesburg Local & cross border 3,5,8,15, Tri-Axle, Super link Drop Sides, Container locks
Gauteng KZN Car Carrier, 1.3 ton bakkie Uprights, High volume canopy
East rand RSA 8 ton Drop sides
Gauteng  National Tri-Axle Straps, Container locks
Mokopane, Limpopo RSA 6xTri's,2 x Super links, 3 x Side tippers, 5 X Tri-Axles with cranes, step deck All extras
Mokopane, Limpopo Cross border, RSA Hose only, Double Axle,Tri-Axle,Super link, Interlink Taut liner, Drop sides, Corner plates, straps, Uprights, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Cross border & Local Low beds100t,70t,50t,30t step decks All extras
Lusaka Zambia Lusaka Zam to south Africa , Zim, Tanzania and Botsw Tri-Axle, Super link, Inter link All extras
Midrand RSA 5 ton Container locks
Namibia RSA,Namibia, Zambia Super link Tarps, Straps, Corner plates,Container locks, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Durban & Polokwane Super link Taut liner
Durban Local & cross border 150 trucks, Side tippers, Tri's & Super links Chains,tarps,straps, uprights, Cargo nets
Brakpan, Johannesburg RSA 5 ton Drop sides
Midrand Durban,Zam,Zim,Botsw,Namibia Super link Tarps,chains,corner plates, straps,container locks,Cargo nets
Benoni Local, Gauteng, MP Tri-Axle As per requirements
Johannesburg Zim & Zam Rigid & Drawbar Container locks
Johannesburg Zambia Super link Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, container locks
Durban Rbay,EL, Stutterheim,Middelburg, Witbank, Spring Super link Flat deck
Durban KZN 15 ton, double Axle, Tri-axle Flat deck
Emblenhle, Secunda GP,MP,FS, L Double Axle,Tri-Axle,Super link, Interlink,Low Bed, Side tipper Flat bed, Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, cargo nets
Kempton Park Durban Horse only (Tri-Axle) Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, container locks
Boksburg Local LDV All
Vereeniging Local Side Tipper All
Pietermaritzburg JHB,PTA,PE,CT 15 tonner, Super link All extras
Johannesburg RSA Tri-Axle,Side tipper, Tanker (Dry bulk) All extras
Durban KZN LDV, 3 ton Closed body
Durban & Richards Bay KZN Side Tipper All
Johannesburg RSA, Zim, Zam, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland 8 ton, Tri-Axle, Superlink Container locks, Cargo nets
Durban JHB, Cape Town Tautliner All
Nelspruit Country wide 5 ton, rigid & drawbar, 4 ton Rollback Car Carrier, flat bed, panel van, straps
Mokopane, Limpopo JHB, Zim,Zam & DRC 2 x Super links Tarps, straps, chains, corner plates,container locks, Cargo nets
Brakpan, Johannesburg Gauteng Tri-Axle Crane (Bricks)
Randfontein RSA 8 TON, Double Axle Tri-Axle Drop Sides, Container locks
Lusaka DRC,Zam, East Africa, Namibia, RSA Tri-Axle Flat bed Drop sides,tarps,container locks, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Zam & Zim Super link All
Johannesburg Local & cross border Horse only  All
Gauteng RSA, Botswana, Namibia LDV All
Henneman FS to KZN (RSA) 5 ton Drop sides,Tarps,Corner plates,straps, Cargo nets
Cape Town JHB,PTA,Durban,PE Super link FB Drop side,tarps,chains,Corner plates, straps, Container locks, Cargo nets
East rand Nation wide LDV All
Durban Johannesburg Tri-Axle / Super link All
Brakpan, Johannesburg RSA, Cross border Super link Tarps,Corner plates, straps, container locks, cargo nets, uprights
Durban Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tri-Axle Chains, Corner plates, straps, Container locks, Cargo Nets, Uprights
Vereeniging RSA Double Axle, Super link Tarps,chains,corner plates, straps, cargo nets
Roodepoort Any  8 ton Tautliner
Port Elizabeth Local & Cape Town Tri-Axle Flat deck   
Johannesburg RSA & International Super link, Interlink Flat Beds
Cape Town RSA Horse Only All