Mpumalang, Gauteng SA 1ton, 8ton, 34ton  
Durban Durban to Local 8 ton and Tri-axle  
Durban Durban locals, Coastal route  3 Ton Straps
Aliwal North SA 5 x Links/1x  Tri-Axel  
Tzaneen   34 or 40 tons/ taut liners/ superlink
Kestell, Free State Gauteng - Durban 34 Ton Links Side Tippers  
Botswana Gaborone Botswana. Namibia and SA Super Link, Tri-axel  
Vryheid Vryheid to Richardsbay-Richardsbay to Mpumalanga and Swaziland Rigid & Drawbar. Flat Bed.  Drop Sides. Uprights
Johannesburg Local.  Mozambique 30 ton Tri -axle Container Locks
Robertson Western Cape. Bloemfontein Superlink Corner Plates. Straps
Irene SA 10 Ton Flat Bed with crane. 14 ton. 22 ton. 32 ton.   
Gauteng Gauteng - Durban, Gauteng - Capetown 1.3Ton, 3 Ton, 4 Ton, and 8 Ton  
Mpumalanga National 34 ton  
Gauteng/ Free State  Johannesburg - Durban  Flat Deck Links & Tri -Axles & return
Gauteng Cross Border & Local Inter/Supper link  
City Deep Johannesburg Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, DRC 15 Ton Close Body  
Pretoria Centurion South Africa 6 Ton Closed Body  
Krugersdorp South Africa 1 Ton  
Gauteng Gauteng , KwaZulu Natal , Eastern Cape 2.8 ton long wheelbase insulated
Johannesburg Gauteng, Mpumalanga, KZN, Limpopo,  Cape Tautliner (@5m) Curtain Side. Container locks can be available
Durban Durban to Richards Bay 8 ton and 30 ton  
Gauteng KZN - Zambia; Gauteng - Zambia Drop-Side Super-Links  
Wadeville, Germiston SA to Botswana & Africa via Botswana. Local Superlinks/Triaxle/Tautliners/30 to 45 ton 4 axle step decks, 75 & 100 ton lowbeds  
Gauteng SA 4 and 8 ton  
Durban Long Distance  Across SA Tri-Axle. Tanker. Tautliner Tarpaulins. Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks
Gauteng Around SA from Gauteng mainly 5ton  
Mpumalanga Local and Crossborder 34t Sidetipper   
Botswana SA to Botswana, Namibia, Zambia Tri-Axle. Superlink Tarpaulins. Chains. Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks
Gauteng Benoni Gauteng + - 300 km radius max LDV. 5 Ton. 8 Ton Flat Bed Tarpaulins. Corner Plates. Straps. Cargo Nets
Bloemfontein Free State 1ton-34ton  
Gauteng  Local  8 Ton Drop Sides
Durban Johannesburg -  Durban Super Link Taut Liner  
KZN - Durban Durban to Johannesburg to Richards Bay to Durban or Pietermaritzburg  Tri-Axle Flat Bed Tarpaulins. Straps. Container Locks
Durban & Johannesburg Johannesburg - Durban & Vice Versa Superlinks  
Cresta, Randburg All Local routes, cross border - Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique 3 Ton. 5 Ton. Refridgerator  
Durban Durban, Delmas, Rustenburg, Pietmaritzburg, Johannesburg, Thabazimbi, Polokwane 8 ton, Tri-axle, Super Link & Taut Liner  
Gauteng Cape Town to Johannesburg 34 Ton Flat Deck  
Limpopo Louis Trichardt Cross Borders and Local  34 Ton Flat Deck   
Polokwane Gauteng,  Limpopo,  Mpumalanga, North West  8 Ton. Horse Only. Double-Axle. Tri-Axle. Superlink. Interlink. Close Body. Flat Bed. Panel Van. Side Tipper Drop Sides. Tarpaulins. Chains. Straps. Container Locks. Uprights. 
  Cross Border Superlink and Tri-axle Tautliners
Johannesburg Maputo, Durban, Swaziland and Any other 1.5 & 4 tons (dropside)  Straps. Cargo Nets
Mokopane Witbank, Rustenburg, Lephalale, Polokwane, Marble Hall 8ton and 34ton side tipper and flat beds  
Delmas  Local 10 side tipper links  
Gauteng Any 8 ton  
Gauteng Local 34ton  
Douglas Any 34 ton Interlink dropsides 1,2m  
Limpopo Mpumalanga, Kwazulu Natal Super link, flat bed  
Polokwane Johannesburg, Polokwane, Tzaneen, Magoebaskloof, Letsitele,  Giyani 14 Ton Reefer (Refrigerated truck)  
Gauteng Mpumalanga, KZN, Limpopo, North West, Eastern Cape and Gauteng Super Link , flat or dropside  
Western Cape   Interlink Side Tippers  
Witbank and Midrand  Gauteng and Mpumalanga 8 ton truck with packabin dropside and cage   
Limpopo Anywhere Links  
Midrand, Johannesburg Flexible 13T Double-Axel Dropside  
Bloemfontein South Africa except Durban Super lightweight Tri-axle with removable 2m sides  
Kwazulu Natal Any Interlink  
Durban Any routes Bulk tankers  
Gauteng Gauteng,North West,Limpopo and Mpumalanga (COD Loads) Superlink Corner Plates
Local and Cross Border Anywere LDV 3 Ton Corner Plates. Straps
Pretoria Africa Superlink, flatdeck tri-axcle, welldeck, stepdeck  
Stellenbosch Gauteng, OFS, Limpopo, KZN & Mpumalanga Links  
Pretoria Gauteng Gauteng to Durban, Limpopo, & Mpumalanga, Superlink Flat Bed Container Locks
Johannesburg / Bloemfontein SA - Zambia.  From Bloemfontein countrywide Superlink cross-border; 28ton Low-bed, 50 cub side tipper, Dropside side tipper for Bloemfontein base  
Randfontein Gauteng West Rand 6 Cube  
North West South Africa 40 Cubes and 25 Cubes Side Tippers
Johannesburg Durban Flat Bed Superlink Tarpaulins. Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks
  Cross Border 19ton  
Johannesburg South Africa 34 tonnes  
Paul Roux Freestate National SA 34 t Interlink Tippers x 3 & 34t Interlink Flatbed  
Rustenburg  Nationally Superlink Straps. Container Locks
Gauteng  RSA. Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland Interlink Corner Plates. Straps. Container Locks. Cargo Nets
Kempton Park SA & Crossborder  Double-Axle, Tri-Axle. Refridgerator
Klerksdorp SA Side Tipper  
Northern Cape Any 8 Ton drop side  
Gauteng SA Tipper truck  
Durban SA Super Link  
Johannesburg Durban 40T lowbed, 12tonner crane truck with 37m/t crane  
Gauteng Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and DRC 8 Ton / Tri Axles  
Durban SA 34 ton superlinks  
Gauteng +/-600 km from Gauteng Horse Only Tarpaulins. Chains
Johannesburg Johannesburg - Malawi , Durban - Malawi 30 ton/tri-axle  
Gauteng N4 SUPER LINK  
Johannesburg All routes around RSA and BLNS countries Flatdecks 8 Ton, 10 Ton, Double-Axle, Tri-Axle, Superlink. Step Deck  
Middelburg Gauteng to KZN,Mpumalanga to KZN & Gauteng Flat Bed Double-Axle & Superlink Tarpaulins, Chains, Corner Plates, Straps, Cargo Nets
Nigel, East Rand Any 34t Side-tippers, back tippers  
Heilbron . OFS Johannesburg, Durban 4 Ton  Flat Bed Tarpaulins
Gauteng  Zambia, Zimbabwe Flat Bed Tri-Axle & Superlink, Side Tipper, Tautliner Chains, Straps, Container Locks
Johannesburg Durban Super links, Tri Axles,  40T lowbed, 12tonner crane truck with 37m/t crane  
Vaal Triangle Local - RSA 14.5m; 30 ton; tri-axle  
Springs Short and Long distance 7Ton Tautliner   dropsides
Gauteng Gauteng,Limpopo,North West & Mpumalanga Super link flat deck  
Johannesburg Local-South Africa Interlink Side Tipper  
Pretoria and Durban Routes between Pretoria and Durban and surrounds. Gauteng and KZN Every Wednesday both ways 1 Ton Closed (Dry) Courier Panel vans, with  or without additional 1/2 ton trailer. PTA runs Hyunda1 2.4 H1 / Dbn runs a Ford Transit Connect 1.6 TDCI