Based Preferred Route Body/Trailer type Extras
Pretoria Any TGA 480MAN+530isx Frightliner  
Kathu,Upington,Postmasburg Crossboard,Long Distance,Any    
Durban based in Phoenix DBN to JHB / CPT / BLOEM / P.E / GRJ / ELS / KIMB / DBN and surroundings 3 ton,5 ton,8 ton,Horse only,Tri-Axel,Single-Axel,Superlink,closed body Flat bed Straps ,container locks,crane,cargo nets
Kwazulu Natal   8ton,10ton,Single-Axle,Double-Axle,Flat bed Chains,straps,container locks,crane
Piet Retief Any 34 ton side tipper  
Mpumalanga Jhb / Dbn to Zimbabwe  / Zambia Tri-Axle,Superlink,Flat Bed Tarpaulins,Chains,Coner Plates,Sraps,Cargo nets
JHB,Durban,richards bay Bloemfontein,Jhb,piet Retief Tautliner,Tri-Axle Chains,straps,container locks,upright
JHB Around SA Tri-Axle  
Durban Local horse only  
Lenasia, JHB Polokwane to JHB,Bloemfontein to JHB 10ton Tarps,corner plates,straps
Mpumalanga RSA,Any,Bethal,Secunda,Standerton,Nigel Double-Axle,Flat Bed Drop sides,straps
Gauteng Gauteng,Mpumalanga,Freestate,Northern Cape,Limpopo Tri-axle,flat bed Chains,straps,container locks,corner plates
Boksburg,Gauteng Local,long distance and crossboarder 8,10,15ton,Double-Axle,Tri-Axle,Superlink,Interlink,Close Body,Flat Bed,Side tipper,Back tipper,10m3 tipper,Tautliner Corner plates,Container locks,straps,cargo nets
pretoria Any LDV  
Pretoria Swaziland,Gauteng,Kzn,Namibia,Drc,Botswana,Mozambigue,Mpumalanga,Limpopo,Lesotho,Freestate Tri-Axle,Superlink,Interlink,Flat Bed,Tanker,Tautliner  
Pretoria Any Double-Axle,Flat Bed  
Gauteng Gauteng,North West,Free State,Mpumalanga,Limpopo Side Tipper  
Gauteng Gauteng / PTA +-150 km Radius 8ton,flat bed Straps
Wadeville SA,Namibia,Botswana 8ton,Double-Axle Dropsides,straps,chains,uprights
Potchefstroom Raduis 300-400km close as possible 3ton,8ton Drop sides,tarpualins
KZN Any 8ton Tarpaulins,corner plates,straps
Alberon Gauteng area and long distance Single-Axle,Flat Bed Trapaulins,chains,corner plates,straps,container locks,uprights,cargo nets
Pretoria RSA Superlink Chains,straps
Gauteng SA,ZIM,ZAM,LES,BOTS,NAM LDV,8,10ton,horse only,Double-Axle,Tri-Axle,superlink,Low Bed,Side Tipper,Tautliner,Tanker Drop sides,tarps,chains,corner plates,straps,container locks,uprights,crane,cargo nets
Ermelo Any in SA,Namibia,Botswana LDV  
Westdene,JHB JHB,Natal,Mpumalanga,Freestate,North West 8ton  
Brakpan Gauteng,PTA,short and long distance 5ton,Single-Axle,Flat Bed Drop sides,tarpualins,corner plates,straps
Pretoria East RSA LDV,Close Body  
Gauteng Zambia to SA superlink  
Gauteng JHB to Durban,local JHB,National 5ton,Single-Axle,Flat Bed Drops sides,tarps,corner plates,straps
Germiston Around Gauteng Horse only  
Meadowdale All routes-local and crossboarder LDV,8,10,15ton,Tri-Axle,Superlink Drop sides,chains,straps,container locks,uprights, taut liner 
Johannesburg Local & cross border 3,5,8,15, Tri-Axle, Super link Drop Sides, Container locks
Gauteng KZN Car Carrier, 1.3 ton bakkie Uprights, High volume canopy
East rand RSA 8 ton Drop sides
Gauteng  National Tri-Axle Straps, Container locks
Mokopane, Limpopo RSA 6xTri's,2 x Super links, 3 x Side tippers, 5 X Tri-Axles with cranes, step deck All extras
Mokopane, Limpopo Cross border, RSA Hose only, Double Axle,Tri-Axle,Super link, Interlink Taut liner, Drop sides, Corner plates, straps, Uprights, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Cross border & Local Low beds100t,70t,50t,30t step decks All extras
Lusaka Zambia Lusaka Zam to south Africa , Zim, Tanzania and Botsw Tri-Axle, Super link, Inter link All extras
Midrand RSA 5 ton Container locks
Namibia RSA,Namibia, Zambia Super link Tarps, Straps, Corner plates,Container locks, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Durban & Polokwane Super link Taut liner
Durban Local & cross border 150 trucks, Side tippers, Tri's & Super links Chains,tarps,straps, uprights, Cargo nets
Brakpan, Johannesburg RSA 5 ton Drop sides
Midrand Durban,Zam,Zim,Botsw,Namibia Super link Tarps,chains,corner plates, straps,container locks,Cargo nets
Benoni Local, Gauteng, MP Tri-Axle As per requirements
Johannesburg Zim & Zam Rigid & Drawbar Container locks
Johannesburg Zambia Super link Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, container locks
Durban Rbay,EL, Stutterheim,Middelburg, Witbank, Spring Super link Flat deck
Durban KZN 15 ton, double Axle, Tri-axle Flat deck
Emblenhle, Secunda GP,MP,FS, L Double Axle,Tri-Axle,Super link, Interlink,Low Bed, Side tipper Flat bed, Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, cargo nets
Kempton Park Durban Horse only (Tri-Axle) Tarps, chains,corner plates,straps, container locks
Boksburg Local LDV All
Vereeniging Local Side Tipper All
Pietermaritzburg JHB,PTA,PE,CT 15 tonner, Super link All extras
Johannesburg RSA Tri-Axle,Side tipper, Tanker (Dry bulk) All extras
Durban KZN LDV, 3 ton Closed body
Durban & Richards Bay KZN Side Tipper All
Johannesburg RSA, Zim, Zam, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland 8 ton, Tri-Axle, Superlink Container locks, Cargo nets
Durban JHB, Cape Town Tautliner All
Nelspruit Country wide 5 ton, rigid & drawbar, 4 ton Rollback Car Carrier, flat bed, panel van, straps
Mokopane, Limpopo JHB, Zim,Zam & DRC 2 x Super links Tarps, straps, chains, corner plates,container locks, Cargo nets
Brakpan, Johannesburg Gauteng Tri-Axle Crane (Bricks)
Randfontein RSA 8 TON, Double Axle Tri-Axle Drop Sides, Container locks
Lusaka DRC,Zam, East Africa, Namibia, RSA Tri-Axle Flat bed Drop sides,tarps,container locks, Cargo nets
Johannesburg Zam & Zim Super link All
Johannesburg Local & cross border Horse only  All
Gauteng RSA, Botswana, Namibia LDV All
Henneman FS to KZN (RSA) 5 ton Drop sides,Tarps,Corner plates,straps, Cargo nets
Cape Town JHB,PTA,Durban,PE Super link FB Drop side,tarps,chains,Corner plates, straps, Container locks, Cargo nets
East rand Nation wide LDV All
Durban Johannesburg Tri-Axle / Super link All
Brakpan, Johannesburg RSA, Cross border Super link Tarps,Corner plates, straps, container locks, cargo nets, uprights
Durban Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tri-Axle Chains, Corner plates, straps, Container locks, Cargo Nets, Uprights
Vereeniging RSA Double Axle, Super link Tarps,chains,corner plates, straps, cargo nets
Roodepoort Any  8 ton Tautliner
Port Elizabeth Local & Cape Town Tri-Axle Flat deck   
Johannesburg RSA & International Super link, Interlink Flat Beds
Cape Town RSA Horse Only All
Johannesburg Crossborder, RSA 8 ton, closed body Closed Body
Centurion RSA, Moz,Malawi,Botsw,Namibia,Zim 5& 8 ton, Car Carrier, Panel Van All
Northwest RSA & Crossborder Tri-Axle, Inter link, Side tipper, back tipper, sloper Drop sides, Tarps, straps   
Witbank Durban, R Bay, Pta, Rustenburg Superlink Side Tipper, Tri-Axle, Super link All extras
Gauteng / Polokwane RSA Super link Tautliner
Krugersdorp Limpopo, Nelspruit LDV Closed Body All
Gauteng RSA & Crossborder LDV All
Cape Town JHB, Durban, EC Tri-Axle tautliner Tarps, chains, corner plates, straps, Container locks, Cargo nets
Welkom Gauteng 8 ton, Tautliner Corner plates, straps
Tzaneen Gauteng Rigid & Drawbar Drop sides, Corner plates, Straps, Crane
Johannesburg RSA LDV Hi Volume Canopy
North West Surrounding Areas 5 ton & Double Axle Drop sides, Staps
Salt River Coutry wide 6 & 12 tonners, Tri's & Link Tautliners All Extras
Polokwane & Rustenburg RSA,Zam,Dbn,JHB,Zim,Moz,Malawi,DRC Tri-Axle & Super link Drop sides, Tarps,Corner plates, Container locks
Centurion GP,MP,KZN,NC,Swaziland,Zim & Lesotho LDV Space saver Canopies
Polokwane RSA 5 ton closed body All
Bloemfontein RSA 5,8 & 10 ton Closed body
Gaborone RSA,Zam,Zim,Moz, & DRC Tri-Axle Flat bed Chains, Straps, container locks, Cargo nets